Thursday, October 5, 2017

Halloween- How to Dollar Tree and Michael's finds and gumball machine dogs in disquise

Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil altered skeletons can now Live, Love and Laugh on bases found at my local Dollar Tree in the candle area.  The skeletons were a tutorial at the end of September 2017

This is what they look like with the flowers on them which got removed right away by pliers.

These are made of resin and about 2 inches high.

I first painted them all black using acrylic paint

I used the darker patio paint by DecoArt first and dry brushed over the top of black.  Dry brushing for you that might not know is done by putting the paint on your brush and then wiping the majority of it off and applying the color to enhance the black underneath.  After I used a lighter patio paint color and dry brushed in spots here and there on the bases.  The final dry brush was done in white just in the areas that rain and weather would hit the most.  That's it.  I then hot glued the skeletons on top using a half round of a mini Styrofoam ball first and then the hip bones had something to stick on to.

This little wood treasure  was found at Michael's in the bins by the door.  It is just the right size for a pirates chest or a travel chest.  $1.00.  They had several other styles but this is the only one that would be miniature.  They also had lots of styles of wood coffins in the bins at $1.00 that would fit into 1/12" scale Halloween theme.  I plan on making the indents with wood stripes or leather with lots of metal brick brack and fancy embossed scrap book paper.  That will be another tutorial another day.

This was found at Michael's also in bins at the scrapbook area.  $1.00 marked down from $2.00.  The Round colored stickers are sturdy and have several sheets in them.  Paper plates?  The round and triangular tags in the back are heavy card stock and have galvanized tin look to them.  This will make buckets, kitchenware, lots of possibilities.

Dollar Tree  9 piece carving set.  Look at the handles of the knife and scoop

Cut the handles off and you have stacked pumpkins for the door.  I will finish these off in a future blog.

Michael's the best find ever.  These are legs in the Wilton area and are used for Candy apples as sticks.  The lines in the stockings do not show but they are striped.  12 to a package and just right for mini decorating like the legs in the black kettle in the back.  I will finish these off as well in a future  blog.  Found my red glittered nail polish and will make The witch from Oz legs for in the kettle or under the bushes in a mini scene.  They also have a set of bones stacked one on top of each other and a long twig with bark like wood indented into them.  They could be used for brooms or canes.
This is the best find ever.  I got these in the outside lobby of Dollar Tree in a gum ball machine.  Dogs in Disguise they are called and there are 18 possible ones to get.  Cute and nicely painted.  I repeat Dollar tree was not selling these but in the lobby outside in a gumball machine.  Just the right size for 1/12" decorating and just in time for Halloween.  .75 cents a pop plus the plastic container that makes great hair dryer hoods.  The round container is the hood and the lid is the base of the seat on the dryer.  

This is the greatest thrift shop find ever.  .75 cents for the two combined.  The broach will go into my Daisy hill remake and the clock is mini and will go on a mantle.  Works with tiny round battery.

Yesterday was just a beautiful fall day outside and I decided to take a road trip.  A local church was  having a rummage sale and it was on the way out.  Wow!  Boxes and boxes of lace and material, books,  craft supplies, vintage clothes which I got just for the materials in them.  I found  a large shabby Chic shelve for behind the toilet with legs that I am going to remake in miniature using bead board just like on the large size.  There was all kinds of kid leather gloves and wallets for .25 cents each for use in  miniature luggage.  All total  I spent  8.00 and got a ton of stuff.  I did not see the 3 crock pots in one long container for $1.00.  Would have come in handy  and only needed  one plug in for it.  Someone was carrying it out.  

After wards I went to the pound store and the most exciting thing happened.  I was looking at a box of brand new patterns and the 18" doll patterns kept showing up.  I was so excited about that and a woman was ready to leave and decided she was going to go thru her cart and downsize its contents.  She chose to do that right next to me.  Guess what she got rid of?  Doll furniture in bags.  What?  I grabbed them as fast as she threw them out while saying are you sure you want to get rid of these.  One bag held the original 1970's Horschman rubber play dolls that I once had a set off.  The rest of the furniture was Shack man, early 1970's as well. 

The best things other than the furniture and patterns were a string of clear Crystal beads on a wire as a Christmas tree  garland. Torn apart I can make miniature perfume bottles.  A bag of glass bowls in every color just right for miniatures.  I think these are for the neck of wine bottles or perhaps wine glasses.  A very large piece of elegant bridal white embroidered cloth, 2 like new American Girl Dolls and a complete set of American country books printed by Time life.  Each of these was .25 cents each.  Look for these at your local library or resale shop.  Even though these are large size topics they are  wonderful reference books for miniatures.  Each book is a different topic.  Pottery, County style, County kitchens, Country Gardens , primitives, quilts.  I think 12 in total, I have a few others in my library already about 1990 is the print date.  Lots of pictures in color and lots of inspiration.  I will put these away until the long evenings of fall and winter and peruse them in detail.

My grand total was $8.00 there as well.  I got some fall items for decorating.  Its sad to think that this stuff is getting thrown away if it does not sell.  

On the way home I happened to go by the house that I got the Daisy hill remake Dollhouse.  It was originally painted blue and white with a blue roof just like the doll house.  The large house had been for sale for a very long time and someone bought it and flipped it and now its is for sale again.   They painted it in the same colors that the dollhouse was repainted as.  Now that's incredible, and a wise choice if I must say so myself.  I promise I will return to the house and the Shabby Chic furniture as soon as I get rid of  the Halloween decoration bug.  If you click on my archives for each year about September and October you will find many other Halloween projects and printables for Halloween.

I have only one recommendation for you today.  My daughter and I could not believe how good this recipe is.  On Pinterest , search for black bean muffins.  No sugar, no gluten flour, just black beans, honey, oatmeal, eggs, chocolate powder  and chocolate chips.

They are even better the next day and freeze quite well if you can get them there.   Not a vegetable lover, I could eat these every day for breakfast.  I threw everything into the blender, except for the chocolate chips .  These are better than any chocolate cupcakes.  I threw in a scoop of chocolate protein powder just to be extra healthy.  I will be making these again.

Also we tried the cloud bread, gluten free made with eggs high in protein.  Excellent and toasts well.  I decided to get out of my comfort zone on food and I am glad I did.  

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  1. Your re-do of the dollar tree Live Laugh and Love are beautifully painted and aged. And what a gift to have the lady downsize her bags of doll furniture right in front of your eyes- who could ask for anything more???? :D