Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween- Eye Candy

Halloween Food table made with Dollar tree items and things around the house.  NO FIMO.  Fun and easy.  I will post the How To on another day.  The picture editing and blog take about a day to get published.  I thought I would post the pictures while still Halloween so if you wanted to rush out to Dollar Tree for some of these items  they will be half off tomorrow.

Back side of table.  Top of table is a lid from Coffin  treat boxes at Dollar Tree.  Skeleton is from  Dollar Tree  

Dollar Tree pencil erasers for yellow, while, and orange cheese on tray.  Cookies in the front are cut from a very large rainbow eraser from Dollar Tree.  The lunch meat in orange and pink are erasers, the turkey cuts are from small corks from Dollar Tree.  These were the Halloween pencils and have about 4 colors in each pack.  Don't throw the metal eraser holder away, we will use them for worm cans.  

Close up of top of table.  The coffin shaped dish on the bottom is from grease paint for Halloween makeup.  Found at a discount store with about 8 of these in different sizes.  Makes great food containers.  This has Po-ta-TOE salad in it.  Cumin seeds are the toes.
This was the greatest find at Dollar Tree.  I did not notice them for weeks.  A small Bag marked Zombie on it interspersed in with the children's costume items.  14 plastic Zombies that could be painted.  Very detailed.  I like the grave stones and animal skeletons.   Each figure is about 2 inches high.

The Dollar Tree items in this Fall picture are the slotted metal around the round tea light container that the pumpkins are setting in.  The handles are from plastic Baby carriages in the baby aisle.  Raffia ribbon are what the corn stalks are made of.

This is the best Dollar Tree find.  She has been redressed with a sheer piece of material and sealed with bunka.  I wigged her and repainted her buckle and her facial features..  The material is shear enough that the motion sensor still works.  There are batteries in side and she shrieks with motion and lights flash.

These are  Dollar Tree handles  from a pumpkin carving kit.  Repainted and decorated for porch ornaments. 
I will in the next few days give the How- to's for all the above items.  I enjoyed coming up with all the ideas, the time just got away from me as I was working on other projects and realized today was Halloween.

One of my other projects  for my Daughter was a little time consuming but lots of fun.  A paper mache bowl was made over a large exercise ball.  Painted and a small table was put in the inside.  The colorful circles are pool noodles  used in the swimming pool sliced in circles to look like ceral.  Fruit loops I believe. A large cardboard spoon covered in foil is in the back.  A set of straps goes over the shoulders and dressed in white she is a bowl of cereal.  To seal off the top edges I cut circles from scrap book paper and glued to seal off.  I tried ribbon but it needed to be cut on the bias so it had to be small enough paper circles to conform to the curve.

This is the first coat of paint on my Grand pups paintings that I am painting in the Vermeer style.  I choose an old Dictionary from 1942 with the pages already aged.  On each page that was  glued onto the board has their name on it somewhere.    The brown edging is Alcohol ink pads in vintage picture by Tim Holtz.  Before they are done there will be about 9 applications of paint and resin clear coat applied before they look like a photo graph.  This is a very slow process to paint a picture, using very thin coats of paint.  There is no texture to the painting.  When these are done I want to start experimenting with tiny Primitive portraits for miniature scences.  One of the most exciting things I learned in this process is how to draw a picture to look just like another existing picture by using a grid transfer. It looks just like the original.  Never knew how to do that.  I think it was well worth my time and money for this one. Old dogs can still learn new tricks!!

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  1. The Fruit loops bowl is such a terrific project!
    I love the eraser meats and cheeses too!