Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Log Cabin Redo and other interesting tidbits

Remake of log cabin birdhouse  before pictures below
Side of Cabin remake  with added cedar singles borrowed from a doll house kit still waiting to be assembled

Back side of Cabin .  This cabin size is about 12" high and 8" wide.  The front porch was made of large Popsicle sticks that were aged, scraped with  a wire brush and then antiqued with watered down paint.  When dry an emery board was used to sand and wear off the edges.  

Paper clay is what was used to fill in the cracks.  This is smooth clay and ready to go.  It takes very little and a wire brush was used to give the look of cement for texture.  It drys very fast so small amounts at a time out of the pack and the rest in a plastic bag or container.  Dries overnight and the color is a white color.  Can be painted when dry with acrylic paints.

Here is the before picture with the porch removed.  It fell off actually.  I scraped off some of the bark that was falling off, filled with Paper clay and when dry used Mod-Podge matte all over.  It brought the wood back to life.

The roof detail before shingles.  It was fortunate that the wood was very close together. Glue was inserted  in each groove before putting the paper clay into the grooves.  Then was stomped with my texture tool.  Before it was dry a wet sponge was used to  remove any clay that got onto the logs.

Here is another log cabin found at the Goodwill pound store.  These are popping up all over the place  Now that I know what can be done with them, I will continue to adopt them.  This one the grooves are a little bigger between each other and the roof is crossed at the top plus coming down over the door.  These will go  on my mantle piece over the fire place

My 4th great Grandfather was the first settler in this township and he built a log cabin probably  just as crude as the one above.  Before 1803 when Ohio became a state.
What do these 3 things have in common?  The baby buggy gave birth to 3 other Tutorials in the making.

I needed a set of industrial wheels.  I cut the wheels off the baby buggy and glued a long heavy cardboard sticker cut to size around the wheel.  It sticks out about 1/8" on either side.  Painted black it looks industrial.  

This future planter tutorial needed handles on the sides.  After bending wire of all kinds and trying to get that to stick, the baby buggy had just the right handle for this project.  I needed to destroy 2 buggy's for this one.  Dollar tree has them in packs of 4 now.  Used to be 6 to a pack.  The basket portion will be used in another tutorial.

This is the final week for my painting class at the Art Museum.  Six weeks I have been working on this egg in the Flemish technique.   Too bad my picture isn't as good as it is in real life.  It looks like a piece of glass is on it already due to the Resin medium used to paint with.    Vermeer is one of the artists in the 16th century.  He is famous for the Girl with the Pearl earring.  I enjoyed this technique very much and is quite different from any oil technique  learned so far in my art education.  This picture is 5"x7" in size

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  1. The log cabin birdhouse looks amazing with the addition of the paperclay. I love your painting! It looks fantastic. Well done!