Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas Mini Dessert Table tutorial, Finished Log cabin, New Book for Miniature Pets

A Miniature Dessert table ready for the Christmas Holidays  1/12" scale
These are the supplies needed for the faux cookie star tree.  Assorted size stars in wood available from the local craft shop.  Thin foam sheets that can be cut with scissors or cork , these shown are for under neath ceramic dishes to keep from slipping.   Got them at Dollar Tree. Sprinkle glaze that looks like sugar, Scribbles 3-D paint and a tiny metal star bead for the top of the tree.
This project is very easy. The object is to make every layer a little smaller than the one underneath.  You will alternate each layer between the points on the star underneath so the points are alternating.  When you run out of wood or cardboard stars you will take the last star size you have and draw on cork or foam sheet.  Cut it out just a bit smaller than it really is and continue on until you are real small at the top.  Cut each layer a little smaller than the one before. Mine shown has 12 layers total.  Use glue to attach each layer and allow to dry overnight. 
When completely dry use a beige paint and color all the stars, let dry.  I used a color called Buttermilk.  With a damp brush with water start brushing a golden baked color of chalk over the entire tree.  When that is covered with a damp brush use a brown baked brown for on the ends.  They should look like a baked sugar cookie.  Glue on the tiny star or bead now.  It will help when you are putting on the puffy paint and glitter. Brushing with a damp brush in the chalk will keep the dust down and you won't breath it in.  If you have respiratory issues use a mask.  I have a cold and didn't use a mask and Really should have.  A lot of coughing followed.
Using the tip applicator  or a brush or tooth pick apply the puffy paint onto each branch end.  I did mine in tiny sections and let dry because of the size my fingers kept messing up the paint on the other side.  As soon as you put the paint on in a section sprinkle with sugar sparkle glitter.  Don't worry how much, you will shake the excess off in a tray and reuse again.  Let dry and do another section until done.  Remember to shake off excess glitter before starting a new section.  Find a plate or tray and glue tree onto it.  This was so easy and so pretty when finished.
The 3 desserts on the front of this table were from a class I took at a NAME convention.  It was taught by Carl Bronsdon.
They are all Fimo and very delicate on very fragile glass plates.

This tree is another easy project and looks very festive on the Holiday table.  It is 1" high total with the base.  Sisal tree found in a pack with about 6 others.  The red balls are tiny beads, bead star and the gingerbread men are paper punched.  They are about 1/4" total.  I punched them out of brown textured paper and then with a tooth pick put eyes and buttons on each and white paint was rolled on the out side with tooth pick as well.  I believe this punch is a Fiskers multi set and  will let you know for sure as well take a picture of them when  making  the cookies tutorial.  Joanne  Fabrics carried them.  These are really cute and would make a cute and fast gift for a mini friend.

The cake in the half size bottle cap(found in the scrapbook area) is an eraser found at Dollar Tree.  They have packs of about 8 and there are snowmen, trees, other Christmas features.  3D paint can be iced on the colors already there or Modge Podge can be dabbled on top for icing like texture.  The tree in the back is a flat but yet 3D tree.  Cut a triangle from cardboard in the shape of a tree.  Apply glue to both sides and wrap green, red, gold, or silver tinsel pipe cleaners around to resemble and aluminum tree.  Wrap and glue small bead strings all around to the top.  Add a star or other jewel find on the top.  I used hot glue on the center bottom and ran a piece of stiff wire into the bottom of the tree.  Find a small log section or block of wood and drill a small hole in the middle and insert  and glue the wire into it.  Makes a great table tree or floor by the door, or top of steps.  Easy and fast and very inexpensive
Another Trash to Treasure Log Cabin.  This one was in the free bin.  It was very dry looking and a roof was added and  re nailed  the logs here and there.
The front is about 12" and the back about 8" across and about 12" high.  This is an estimate because its upstairs and I'm not.

The back of the cabin shingles were added to the roof  and   paper clay was used  to fill the large cracks between logs.  Inside a piece of Styrofoam was glued into place to make sure the paper clay was flat and would stay in place.  A texture brush was used to make the paper clay look rustic.  The final touch after the shingles were put on was a brown paint on the shingles, each log was painted and then Matt  Modge Podge was applied to seal and now it looks like new.

This book was found  on a road trip to another state with my daughter.  Sometimes a chain craft shop in another area has way different items than the one close to home.  It was very exciting to find this book. 
It is published by Design Originals No. 5431 and the author is Takashi Morito   This is the website all in Japanese but you can right click and translate it.  The pictures in the header are animals that are made and they are too cute.   The book is all in English with detailed pictures and instructions for each animal.   I was really impressed with the selection of pipe cleaners available now.  Have not been to that area of the store  in a long time.  Soft long furry pipe cleaners large size.  They had variety packs of all colors and all thicknesses in each.  I got a bunch in case they forget to order more  and  plan on creating some of these  cuties at the New Year.  All my Grand pups are represented in there and my Grandson would probably enjoy creating these as well.  There are even some with little sweaters on.   The chain store is Pat Catans, Michael's bought them out, so Michael's might have this book as well.  Pat Catans is still in Ohio, Pennsylvania.
The new pipe cleaners could be used for very convincing fur on dolls clothing.   They are long a fluffy, black, white, beige, gray and other colors.  They just aren't short and stubby anymore.

There are  sooo many projects on my work table at the moment.  I work in stages on each one until finished, but  have been photographing each step so they can be published as mini tutorials. A much needed organizing and cleaning in my work room is going on right now  and in the process finding things to make How-to;s out of.  Out of site-out of mind.  


  1. Preciosos detalles navideƱos! Gracias por el tutorial!

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. A lovely Christmas table!
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