Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Faux Gingerbread Cottage-No bake,

Gingerbread House 1/12" scale using Dollar Tree nail charms and paper clay, puffy paint and plastic canvas, and miscellaneous miniatures.  Oh don't forget the glitter!

Side view of the cookie roof made out of paper clay and colored with chalk

Other side view of house

Back view with tree and tiny snowman charm

Detail of nail charms used on the roof peak.  Fruit slices, lemon, oranges, and limes, and other candy charms from Fimo clay found at Dollar Tree.
 Last year I made a Gingerbread  Cottage  out of real Gingerbread and Icing and Candy.  It was a lot of fun  with Family and Friends making one as well, and when Christmas was over thrown out to the birds.  With the time and investment in it I decided to make a mini one this year.  No investment but it did take some time but it can keep it and enjoy for many years to come.
To make this tiny house, print out  the free pattern from  www.paperminis.com.   She provides the pattern every year for a contest.   Print it off and cut it out.    Look at other years winners for inspiration. The house is made of card stock or you can draw it on cereal box to make it more sturdy.  The size of this house is  1-1/2/" high-1" wide and 1-l/2" long. Real tiny!
After assembly it was painted gingerbread brown and the base white.  I cut the size down on the base because I wanted to put it on a mini table.

Items used  to complete the house
Here are the items needed to complete this house.  Being a miniaturist  all the items were  on hand from other projects.  The only thing  not shown is  the paper clay  cut in small circles using a Kemper cutter. These were  glued on in shingle style when they were slightly wet.  If you don't want to go paper clay you could use paper punches out of manila file folders.  After dry I used dry chalk  on a damp paint brush and covered the shingles to look like fresh baked sugar cookies.  When cutting  the paper clay a texture tool was used to put tiny dots on them and they look like crackers after the golden chalk was added.
For the top of the roof  puffy paint was applied  down the center and added nail charms in fruits and oranges and the other colors purchased at Dollar Tree.  The puffy paint can be added to the sides and pulled out with a tooth pick.  Before it drys sprinkle with the white sugar type glitter and let dry.  Trying to do  this before it is  dry will provide a lot of frustration and re dos.  This house is so small, your fingers will get in the way.
The windows and doors are small  plastic canvas and cut to look like window panes and doors.  You can add a solid paper behind or just paint.  I chose green and painted the windows white, you can get another color. These are very inexpensive.  The fence is a larger plastic canvas cut to look like fence with posts on top.  Cut to the size of the bottom platform and glue onto the cardboard with the puffy glue, while still wet apply sugar glitter.  When dry shake and the excess will come off.

Glue on the doors and windows and  then start adding the nail charms from Dollar Tree that come in the little bottles.  I found hearts and a little flower that was  used all over the house. No hole beads in the center in red to each design were added to add color. For the bottom of the house  colorful beads at the base were added.  Snow was added to the rafters and using a tooth pick I pulled some down for ice drips.  The large candy canes were used for the corners of the house.  I used 3 sections, one on each side of the corner  and then one in between on the corner.So each corner will have 3 pieces to it.
The small candy canes were  flattened out and glued onto the fence to add extra color before  starting with the snow and glitter.

Glue the house onto the cardboard, add any extra trinkets and the trees.  The pattern has 3 trees, I made the smallest one out of index card, used white puffy paint all over and then sprinkled with no hole multi colored beads. Do this while it sits on  top of a pointed glue cap and let dry.

Well that's the first Christmas project made this year.  If you use a little imagination you can smell the Gingerbread baking.  I used a gingerbread candle and that was enough realism for me.  No kitchen to clean up just glitter and a few craft items to put away.   I hope you give it a try.  I have already been looking in Christmas magazines from the library and see a Village that could be made in this tiny size.  It was lots of fun and put together with what I had around the house.  Also Pinterest has a lot of patterns for houses you can use.  If you do a Search of miniature Printies  everyone that saved a printie will come up.  You can choose to save to your own notebook for future reference.

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  1. Adorable! You have done an Excellent job with your tiny gingerbread house and I like the idea of using the 3-D nail garnishes for the candy adornments- very Sweet! :)