Sunday, November 19, 2017

Paper Miniatures Haul, Remade miniatures, Dollar Tree finds

This month has certainly flown and is half over already. I have been busy cutting and gluing some paper printies purchased from Ann Vanture Paper minis last year.  Packages for under Christmas trees, books, wine labels and other dated items for a shadow box.  She has a kit available for a Peddler Woman' items that was needed  to use in a Old world Christmas Display.

All her printed items have the line scores on where to cut and where to fold.  To make this go quicker  Quick Grab glue was used.  This is the best glue I have ever used to do paper, flowers and cardboard.  It is almost instant.  If you go to a show usually dealers have it but it sells out quickly.  It can be purchased from as well.  Another thing necessary  is a small metal ruler, and a sharp pair of scissor  and curved tip tweezers .  The ruler is handy to use for the bending of the paper folds, and to secure the area by right away rubbing the ruler over the area like the corner tabs.  The small scarp scissors help in cutting the tiny corners and tabs without cutting them off and the tweezers help in turning tiny corners and turning the edges down. .  In addition to all her items to purchase there  are  pages of free items you can print out in 3 sizes.  Choose what size you want.  Membership to this is by subscriber only so that is why I can only give you her Email.  It is free of charge and the paper items are very high quality.  Email Ann at and ask to be put on mailing list to Paper minis.

Above are the items cut and assembled over this week.  A large variety at a small cost.  The paper is high quality, and in the case of the dolls and paper dolls books, it is a high gloss heavy card stock.  The dolls in the box almost look 3-d.  They will look terrific under my 1950's Christmas tree.

I watched my Grandson and Grand pups for a couple of days and we made some miniatures for Christmas as pictured below.The small lunch box is from Dollar Tree as well as the red pickup truck.  The truck is a tow truck from the movie Cars and it was altered to look like the popular red truck with the Christmas trees in the back by spray painting red and removing the towing gear. .  The white snow is cotton quilt batting and the rocks are from the fairy garden. Small log slices are the side walk, and the trees are small ones from a large bag of train items from a resale store.  The log cabin is an incense burner without a roof that I found at the Goodwill pound store.  A light bulb package became the coagulated  roof for this gem. A cardboard chimney covered with tiny rocks tops it all off.  I was hoping to forgo this feature, but the little guy would not have it.  The smoke had to get out of the house.  We used a bit of pulled cotton for the smoke.  The  Snow man is a holiday ornament found item.  This turned out really cute.  A block of wood on the underside by the lid evened it all out and made it level.  I later found a few deer in another box and will take them over to attach on to his creation.  He was so excited that I found small shell and rock collections that he made when he was about 6.  Since the ocean and the beach is his favorite,  December he is coming for a week and we will make a beach shop with all his favorite things in it.

The other item is a glass dome tree with a hidden music box playing Oh, Christmas Tree.  I found this at a resale shop.  The tree is green tinsel and we enhanced it with glitz colored balls and wire candy canes.  This gave it a lot of glitz.The  wood bottom base was enriched  with a stain pin from Dollar Tree.  Cleaned up the glass globe and glued it down.  This turned out very nice from what it first looked like.  I paid $1.00 for the whole thing.

Looking for the items for our projects sent me to the Dollar tree for Shoe box style storage containers. I now have started to organize all those tiny items in categories so time isn't spent ruffling thru things. In the process I found all the Dollar tree figures from 3-4 years from Halloween.  Quite a collection and that inspired me to finish up the Halloween scene around the Witches cottage on the shoe that was assembled  last month. Also found a roll of plastic brick for the sidewalk and about 30 tiny figures  to walk on it.  They need a repaint definitely, but not one is the same.  I am going to landscape with flowers, fall trees, and a fence around the house.  In my search a lot of little furniture to furnish the house was found as well.  Pictures of the finished project are to follow in a few weeks.

Repainted Halloween figures collected over 3-4 years.  Some are very detailed, but needed a paint redo.

In the process of searching  an old women doll was found  that can be  transformed into the peddlers doll,  but have been giving a lot of thought in starting to pour porcelain dolls again. There are plenty of molds, but have given thought I would like to sculpt some faces and make molds from silicone.  If you are interested in dolls and the makings of them,  the following You Tube videos are all quite interesting

Miss Pittypat from Gone with the Wind will soon be a Peddlars Doll with Paper Minis from Ann Vanture Peddlars Doll Kit
Colvins Miniatures, Creagers-has lots of sculpting tips,   Search with  mbackst00 is the late Marcia Blackstrom  She shows how  she finishes the  resin figures she made.  Many years ago when she first started making dolls, I made dolls as well and at a  Firehouse in Pa. there was a miniature show.  I purchased a few head molds from her and have just found them as well.  She was the greatest doll maker and such detail to her clothing.

For flowers  Farm2market has quite a few in depth videos on how to make hydrangea, and Angie Scarr has a few new ones on flowers  made with stencils using thinned down Fimo goo, and making your own flower head molds  from Dremel heads.

A Dollar Tree find for food makers.  Round disc of fruits and vegetables of  Fimo canes found in the nail art area.  The  office supply area had these pencil Kooshies but cut in tiny pieces they can be used in food preparations as carrots, onions, sprinkles on icing, candy.  Lots of little sprinkles for just $1.00.

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