Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Seeing the Possibilities in all things miniature-Dollar tree and cast offs from thrift store

My Halloween Shoe project from last month is now landscaped, with all the Dollar Tree  figures from the past few years.  They are all repainted. The landscaping flowers and shrubs were made from a discarded to the trash candle-ring form marked  1969 on the bottom,  found at a thrift store.  Click on the picture and it will get larger.  Notice the eyeball flowers all around the front side and inside by the fence.  This has a large rectangle  glass top to cover it  up.
These are eyeball flowers!  The little sprigs on the right came from the candle ring below.  I pulled them off to throw away, but had a eureka moment.  

Close up of white peppercorns, stamens and finished eyeball flowers.  The pepper corns have a natural dent on either side just like and eyeball.

I enhanced the ends of the stamens with a little orange and topped it off with white peppercorns.  Use a tacky glue and let dry overnight.  Paint each with white paint, then using blue, green, brown and the end of a paint brush I dipped in paint and dotted the eyeball on.  When this was dry the end of a tooth pick dipped into black paint made the iris.  When all was dry a tooth pick dipped  into clear nail polish was  dotted on  the iris.  Let the nail polish set on a piece of paper for a few minutes so it will stay in a dome on the eye top when dry.  You can see how they sparkle in the light.
Here is the candle ring from 1969.  It was dirty, dusty, but I saw the possibilities in this thing.  I saw thousands of tiny rose leaves and bushes with a lot of vein detail.  It was dunked in bleach water as soon as it walked in the door.  As plastic fades and turns pale over time it gave me a better pallet to work with.    Most people would look at that and say   Gross!!  Not me,  I am saving myself  from doing a lot of punching out paper leaves.

Dry brushing different shades of green on this enhanced the leaves and also brought the veins to life.  You can see by the tooth pick beside it how small the leaves are.  One stem pulled off the ring was cut into 3 bushes.

This is from Dollar Tree.  Gel stickers for the window?  Nah I see jello molded into Christmas colors.  I will do a short tutorial this month.  You will see it too and then make your own.  I am planning on doing a cookie tutorial with out the usual Fimo clay if time permits.  Here it is  time for December already.
Dollar Tree in the boy's section.  Super hero's, Captain America and Avenger on pedestals.  Less than 2 inches high but the size of a real mini guy on top.  With a little sanding and paint these will be mannequins for in a  shop on a table or counter.

I will do these up and share How to in January.

Do you see the Possibility!  I see shirts and ties on these guys, maybe a boater hat.

Dollar Tree children's toy.  Mater from Cars movie.  I have made one of these already but my Grandson is coming in December and we are making this into one of the red pickup trucks with the Christmas trees that are so popular right now.  Dollar tree has the truck theme on gift bags and gift boxes as well.   They are carrying an octagonal mason type jar with a silver lid.  These trucks fit down into them, along with some snow and trees, and a string of their led lights, you have a great table decoration or gift..  I will share the results after we make them.

For those of you who asked about the paper minis  blogged about last week.  I have found the numbers of each kit so if you want to order you will have them.  www.paperminis.com is the web site.  You can see everything she has available.  A newsletter received this week said  the prices are going to go up soon.

The 4 Barbie type dolls in the package that look 3-d are t1isoo6a.  skipper, midge, ken and barbie

Pin the tail on the Donkey game and box  t1is004

The assorted antique doll  in box 3-d looking , Shirley, another Barbie and other dolls- 8 total is t1iso13

13 assorted high quality wine labels htis025

Peddlar Doll Wares Kit   qp1is001  comes with fabric for material bolts, paper for wall paper, boxes, printies, and CD with wall paper of brick and street scene as well as how to make a box to put her in.  I am adding some items from my stash and keeping some of the items for other room boxes.  This is a great all over kit for a Womens Victorian or Edwardian room box.

Well Everyone, where ever you live, enjoy Turkey Day.  I am thankful for each and every one that reads and enjoys my blog.  I enjoy the possibilities of everyday items and the simple pleasures that we often take for granted.    It is a big world we live in with a lot of problems, but one thing we have in common, we can come together and make our own small world.


  1. Has tenido grandes ideas!!

  2. I have collected quite a few window clings for making Mini Jello but haven't gotten the courage to try it yet so I am REALLY looking forward to your tutorial on exactly HOW-TO do it!
    and I Love the idea of converting the super-hero guys into store mannequins - Brilliant!