Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas ornaments, Dollar Tree mini Mason Jars, Seeing the Possibilities in throw away items

Christmas Cookie Ornament up close.

Made Three more cookie ornaments from left over cookies from last weeks tutorial.

These are being given as gifts.  

Small picture frames for miniatures used as the back drop, added a piece of Christmas paper on the back and glued a ribbon loop in between the paper for a hanger
This was a gingerbread house that I did a Tutorial on earlier in December.  I made 5 more and found these small plastic mason jar ornaments at Dollar Tree.  A heavy cardboard base was cut out to insure the fit.  The houses were glued and allowed to dry on the rounds before inserting them into the jar.  After inserting the house, holding it upside down , tacky glue was applied around the lip on the opening and then drop the round with the house on top of that.  The hanger on the top needs taken off so you can put a long piece of flexible wire in from the top to tap all along the sides to seal down the cardboard.  When dry the top can be put back on and the lid screwed on.  A little pine was added with Holly and berry's at the top and pine pipe cleaner around the lid area.  I made 5 of these for gifts and found a tall gift box at Dollar tree of a Gingerbread cottage to put them in.  They had a whole village of gift boxes in old style buildings.  Sold out within 2 days.

See the  Possibilities in the trash.  I am real excited about this one.  As I was waiting for pictures to download I happened to look into the trash can and see a large hand held calculator that  had been  purchased at Dollar Tree.  It has large keys for visual, but I got it for the large keys, those small ones don't cut it with my fingers.  It had fallen on the floor one day and I forgot to pick it up.  My office chair accidentally rolled over top of it and broke the back.  Disgusted with myself and not the chair, the calculator was thrown in the trash.  Rediscovering it and with plenty of time while waiting for the pictures to download, I retrieved my mini screwdriver and tore this thing apart.   Inside was  found about 14 mini baking pans with sections in them, or small mini windows for my fairy cottages with paper clay.  The cellophane circuit board is really neat and the top component has a few mini bulbs and wires on it.  Of course the button battery inside fits my watch.  The top cover I see a screen door and several window frames.  The best part is the rubber sheet of circle dots.
I found a cork which has a shape like a carry out coffee cup.  The little button cut out fits right on top and looks like a lid of coffee.  Same indentation on the outside and the inside.  A slot and flap could be made and cut out of the excess plastic on the rest of the pad.


Side view on a cork. Its cut  out a little crooked, could not find my micro  cutters.    Print out some labels and make card stock cups, latte to go!  All these items for only a $1.00.  Also in the tear apart there were about 15 tiny screws that can be used in mini doors and furniture.  
Stopping at McDonald's for the Seasonal soup they have new carriers this year.  I cut out the interesting shapes. from the bottom.  Plus the sides on each cup have textured  areas that are large enough to get several stones for a walk way out of.  Several years ago I did a work shop making floors out of textured cardboard cartons and egg trays.  Cut out the shapes you want, drop in water with paint added and them drop the cardboard in.  The paint soaks in very well.  Take out of the water and put between paper towels to  get rid of excess water and immediately apply glue to the area to be covered and glue the wet tile down.  Apply a book with paper underneath to weight it down.  Let dry overnight and take off the book .  When completely dry apply a waterproof varnish over top, let dry and then if  you left cracks between the tiles, grouting can be added with a sponge and wiped off.  We used Spackle between the cracks.  It has been 5 years or more and the tiles are still just like they looked when made.  Several pans of different color water were used to give the look of natural stone tiles.
The center  of this carton is a stone looking pedestal and would great in a garden with a stature on top of it. 

This wood truck  found this at a craft store.  It is not miniature but  3 of them were made for gifts.   I am going to put them on a Burlap frame for the door.  It was unfinished wood, and a lot of time went into painting each one.  A Welcome sign will be added to the top along with a  rustic tie of cord.

I also made an ugly Sweatshirt this week for my Daughter.  It was the Leg lamp from the Christmas Story.  Leg was made out of paper clay.  Did not get a picture, but Dollar tree supplied the tinsel, the lighted leds for the lamp and 2 necklaces that light up to look like old fashioned Christmas lights.  They continue to get in some of the neatest things to Craft with.  I went back to get more Mason jars and 3 Dollar Tree in our area were out of those.

My Grandson and Grand pup are coming this week and we will be making a few mini crafts that  will be  shared with you.  If  time  runs out  for the rest of the tutorials  that were  promised, we  will just pick up after Christmas and finish them off.

Have a great week!  Cold and Snowy here so don't feel guilty at all about not being outside.

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