Friday, December 29, 2017

Dollar Tree mini finds and See the Possibilities in useless things

Dollar Tree self contained wine glass turned into a self contained dome. Not 
 too much design was done  here but only the basics to show what could be possible.  This wine glass has a screw on stem that is self enclosed inside.  It makes its own pop on base.  The stem could be cut off but I will wrap  red and white to make a candy cane or cover with a Christmas tree.  This one has a wreath around the screw on stem part and topped with a jewel bobble.  Very heavy clear plastic and one to a package for $1.00.  Usually found hanging up on side posts or end cap with descending hooks.

The Dollar Tree also has the short plastic glasses on the left no base,  5 to a package with a swirl to it.  Turned upside down over a mini scene the base becomes a flat table for a tea candle or a cookie or cupcake next to a dinner plate.  The one on the right is the self enclosed wine glass above.  The stem is screwed into the bottom and a tea candle, place card, candy or tiny gift could be placed on that bottom, now the top as well.  A base of cardboard covered scrapbook paper could be made with mini scene, tree, house inside.

Base that the glass snaps into when not in use.

Dollar Tree in the school or teacher supplies.  50- 3/4" foam blocks that are just the perfect stability for boxes to wrap up for faux mini  gifts .  No cutting up wood or building a package.  Just wrap and glue.  Hard foam very compact.  These could also be carved and painted if you need blocks for landscape.
Dollar Tree Christmas erasers 50% off.  You see Erasers, I see lots of mini cakes that could be enhances with 3-D puffy paint for icing and sprinkles with no hole beads.  

This was the best  one in  there,  I got several packages just because of this red truck.  It will be a 3-d cake when I get done with it.  So tiny and so cute.

This was not purchased at Dollar Tree but another store similar to it called Ollies.  This is a large pill container with 7 days worth of compartments, each with 4 dividers in them.  Look at the colors and see shelves in a child's play area or play room.  Each container is 2 x 2-1/2".  Each compartment is 1 inch in size.  Painted with plastic primer I see stack able book shelves for a library with Industrial studs filling up the holes for the lids.  The lids are clear with writing on them but they could be painted with silver and make good cookie baking pans.  This was about $3.00.  The bright colors drew me right to it.

This is a Dollar Tree purchase.  Such a big improvement of the turkey basters of old.  This is a flavor injector.  If you do resin this is a must have.  Look where the injector is, on the side.  Perfect  for tiny molds and more control of the resin.  This has a plunger for more control and it is heavy plastic which is easier to clean with the resin.  This could be used for wood glue when doing shingles and larger projects.  Glue would stay fresh because it has suction and a vacuum to it.  Definitely a must have.

These were purchased this at Michael's in the scrapbook area.  This is made by BoBunny and is laser cut  chipboard.  Very detailed and just the right size for 1/12" projects.  All clock faces and have a lot of possibilities.  This line of scrapbook items have a lot that can be used in miniatures, paper, Ephemera.
Found at the Goodwill pound store.  Next to nothing in cost.  Someone took the lace off and tossed the holder away.  I see heavy plastic window frames for Shabby Chic decorating.

These are very small plastic dishes with a slant to them.  They are covers from shaving razors(found at Dollar Tree)
These will be nice for trays in the bakery.
This was my most exciting find of the Christmas Season.  I'm not one to like to take time to  wrap packages.  But this year the stops were pulled out.  The wrapping party had to stop to fuss over this unusual core from the ribbon that was finished off.
It is plastic and the 2 cores on the side were in the holes.  The size of the grey heavy plastic is about the same size of the gum container that were used for the Fairy Houses  in last months blogs.  If you remember the calculator that got ran over  with all the keys that look like windows on the back side, they fit into these 12 openings like a glove.  I can see a cupola on the side of my next gum container Fairy house.  Of course I had to find the items right away and the package wrapping was put on the back burner until 2 days later.  When inspiration hits you have to give into it.!

It doesn't take much to make me happy!    Happy New year!

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