Friday, December 29, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year -wrapping up 2017

These Grand pups will certainly bring a smile to your face.
Santa Claus brought me some lighting for my work space.  Led 2000 day light lumen's.  15 watts  and LED life of 50,000 hours. This really makes a difference in my pictures and area lighting in my work space.

Red truck with area spot lighting, had a yellow tinge. 

Red truck with the 2,000 lumen LED work light.  Small and portable plug in  There is really a big difference.  Not saying too much about the Red truck because those items are still being worked on.  The only thing I will say is turning a green truck into a red truck did have its bad points.  A calm sunny day with bright candy apple red spray paint turned into much more than I bargained for.  There was no wind when I went out onto the deck.  I pushed down onto the nozzle and a wind tornado went through just at the moment, contained in it smoke and residue from a neighbors leaf burn off.  The spray from the paint went all over the place including my hair.  It was now  blonde with bright red streaks in it.  Also my face looked very sunburned until I scrubbed it.    All the silver paint was painted on with super fine brush and silver alcohol ink.  

Before putting my Christmas room boxes back to bed, I decided to take pictures of them.  This one is a Victorian Engagement.  The wallpaper and lovely pictures do not show on the back wall because they are attached to the cover that needed to be taken off to take the picture.

1950's waiting for Santa Claus.  This was inspired by the Kobachers Department store in our town in the 1950's.  They had a small door entrance just for kids to see Santa Claus and purchase items for your parents.  No adults or big kids got to go into it.  I remember really being put out the first time I was refused entrance.  The aluminum trees became popular at that time and I was fascinated by the color wheel that turned to change the tree different colors.  This one was made from silver tinsel pipe cleaners and glued into a foam cone.  The sleigh next to the tree was a remake from thrift store.  

Santa's workshop room box.  It looks pretty congested in the picture, a lot going on.  In real life it is just right .All the toys are from a life long of collecting and classes that I have taken over the years.

Detail of the left corner  All the dolls were made by me from molds by various doll artisans

Back side of room box.

Santa taking a resin bath.  Water looks pretty dirty.  This is my first lesson with resin.  If you are putting it into metal coat it first with glue or Mod Podge and let it dry.  The heat and chemicals will react with the tin in the metal.

This is my favorite manger set.  The animals are from the Dollar Tree this year.  Just before Christmas they got in boxes of farm animals and Circus animals, lots of horses.  The faces are so cute on them and really made well.  The sheep and donkeys aren't showing and the circus animals will come in handy with a future project.  I certainly hope they continue to get these animals in.  The tiny children are about 1/12" scale and were designed by Julie Good-Kruger.  The detail in these are fantastic.  Little Girls and Boyd's Pageant Series it is called.  Probably not available now since the Boyd's Bears Company is out of business.  I got them about 15 years ago when I visited the Boyd's barn in Gettysburg, Pa., also closed.  Such a tragedy, it was a great tourist destination.  I met Patty Duke my childhood TV idol there one time as she designed Bears for them.
The manger itself was a real find at the pound store.  It was a little beat up and had made in Germany on the back.  Looks like it has had some adventures in its time and I really liked it.  
The story behind the designer of these little dolls are inspired by the many school Christmas pageant's in which the designer's children performed.  They all have sneakers on their feet.  It appealed to me because I also designed the costumes for children's pageants at Church.  The fidgeting that went on to get them to co-operate.  It was the high spot of Christmas!

I treated myself with a  Die cutter to Cut Sizzix  dies with for Christmas.  Tim Holtz has created a series of tiny houses that are adorable.  To see all the neat items that can be made go to search on You tube Tim Holtz Village houses.
I have had a Cricket cutter for about 10 years and a lot of soft ware for it.  One of the puppies chewed the cord  and it has sat waiting for a new cord to come into stock.  I recently found some one that fixed it and I have been reaquainted with the cutter and the soft ware.  Isn't it funny that 10 years ago there was a red truck on the soft ware as well as architectural details and fences that can be made in to 1/12" miniature scenes.  It really was like Christmas rediscovering all the items boxed away.  The excitement of a new toy came back to me.  I look forward to all the new possibilities for these items and the creative things that can be made with them.

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