Friday, December 8, 2017

No bake cookie baking tutorial and ornaments

Ornament made from 3" Christmas picture frame.  A small table of thick cardboard was made to stick out from the bottom of the frame.  The Heart of the Home is from scrapbook items from my stash.  Glued to the top of the table is a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough from paper clay and colored with paint, dotted chocolate chips on with paint.  A turned tooth pick painted red on the end is inserted before the clay dries.  A gingerbread button cookie, wooden spoon, rubber blade, rolling pin 3 candy canes and tree cookie cutter are glued on the top of the table.  Underneath the table an apron was glued on with 2 pot holders and towel.  This gives the table extra support.  The gingerbread men are from the apron material, reinforced on the back with Mod Podge and cut out, glue onto material folded into a towel shape.  Fray the ends.  The back of the apron has a card stock sticker to reinforce the material front and make it rigid.  It has a saying on it about the kitchen.  Forgot to take a picture of the back.  Silk ribbon was attached and tied on the back into a pretty bow for apron strings.  I believe the back should be as pretty as the front.  I was taught that at a young age when learning to sew.  The seams are just as important and the rest of the item.  I look at the construction of a handmade item or garment, just a habit.

Another 3 inch picture frame to go with the one above.  This one was made into a cookie tray with all the cookies I made this year and some from other years.  Both of these are ornaments with red sheer silk ribbon in the molded ribbon on the top.  These ornaments were just plain gold and to change the look were dry brushed green and wiped off so that the green went into the veins.  On the back I covered the frame hole with a hard card stock with embossed designs on it.  Then bronze alcohol inks were applied on the back and the molded ribbon.  I do have a red truck cookie in there but I will cover that in another tutorial.
Now on with the no bake cookies:
I made these from paper clay and cut them out with Kemper cutters found in the clay area of any craft store.  For the round ones you could use erasers cut in thin slices, or take eraser out of a pencil and use the round metal to cut the cookies out or shape the metal into a star form.  You could also use paper punch outs in different shapes out of foamie sheets or  card stock.

From the circles I made:
Chocolate Chip -paint tiny chips on cookies and dust with baked looking chalks

Peanut butter cookies-while still wet cross hatch the clay with a tiny fork to resemble peanut butter cookies.  Use a golden brown chalk dusted on top for  the right look.

Snow men-The color of the clay is white.  I used puffy paint for the icing and applied tiny black beads for the eyes and puffy paint for the nose.

Reindeer-the ears are tiny shells glued on to the top.  In between the ears are antlers made from the gold centers  flower picks of poinsettia tutorial of 12/07/2017.  Glue on top between ears.  Grape stems dried out have interesting antler type texture.  Paint brown and when dry apply beige muff.  The eyes are tiny white beads with a toothpick dot of black paint to the center.  Top it off with a tiny red bead for a nose.  Grape stems dried out make unusual plant bases and don't break apart.

The stars: I used white puffy paint on the ones next to the snowmen and topped while still wet with no hole gold beads.

Poinsettias on top right corner-Red paint and tooth pick striped yellow  from center out while red paint was still wet.  Gold no hole bead glued to center

These tiny wood animals are from a bag of assorted size animals found in scrapbook area at Joanne 'Fabrics.  There are about 4 sizes, the smallest size is by the toothpick.  These would make great cookies painted in detail and icing with Mod Podge.   Joanne's Fabrics  also carry a package of assorted people in unfinished wood.  The tinest could be used on a rest room door in miniature.  Markers or paint could be used.  I prefer the 3-D puffy paint because it has height to it and also a small applicator makes it easy to do small areas and looks just like Royal Icing when dry.

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  1. Your chocolate chip cookie scene is Really Cute! I suppose that you could also use the tiny gingerbread men as actual cookies by gluing the cloth to some thin foamy sheets and then cutting them out.
    Your cookie tray and the other ideas are Terrific! I happen to have some of those wooden animals and never knew what to do with them until now- Thanks! :D