Thursday, December 7, 2017

Poinsettia remake, salvaged remake of Metal plant tree

Poinsettia tree makeover-measures out with the flowers at 7-1/2 inches tall.  This would look good in a shop or an old Victorian house with higher ceilings.   There are 14 pots of flowers that had to be made to fill it.  Unfortunately the picture doesn't give the good detail and glitzy sparkle of the flowers.   Mini Holly leaves were used  around the front of each table made from cardboard.  The 9 mini snowmen are from Michael's, maybe last year.  These are so tiny and so cute.  Glitter sparkle snow on each one. 

Detail of the bottom with Dept. 56 Icicles found at thrift store.

 The white metal Christmas tree flower pot holder was  found a few years back on sale.I know why it was on sale.  Each metal loop was uneven and not the same size. My pots would not fit, and the smaller ones fell through. A heavy cardboard a circle was cut to  fit on top of the metal loops and secured with glue.  When dry it was painted with gesso- two coats and then white paint, sanding in between each coat.  Now the pots can be glued on and I found the Holly and the icicles in my stash.  It adds a little Christmas touch.  The garland Happy Holidays came from the scrapbook area, Jolene's brand.
This poinsettia tree was inspired by a real one seen a few years ago at Ogelbay light Festival in West Virgina.  It was a site to see. Front and back was covered with colorful flowers each row a different color.

Sturdy cardboard tables covered with 2 coats of Gesso and then sanded, painted white for final coats.  Glued right on top of round metal circles.

The supplies needed to remake poinsettias in 1/12" scale.  You will need a paintbrush, wire snips, small sharp scissors, tweezers, Matt Mod Podge, and the red poinsettias above are small mini picks found at the craft store.  They are about the size of a quarter.  Tooth paste caps for the pots, tacky glue and  coffee grounds for the dirt inside the pots. The tooth paste caps were painted  terra cotta, and then afterward found some candy foil in red, silver and gold and wrapped the pots just like they do in the store.  The little gold center I saved for reindeer antlers in my cookie baking tutorial. The wire from the flower pick can be saved for a future flower making adventure.
Tear apart the flowers.  These are silk.  Paint a thin coat of Mod Podge on the red flowers and leaves both front and back sides and let dry.  This gives them a very transparent  real look to them and also makes the silk not ravel when cut..  Now cut all the petals and leaves apart from the rest.  The leaves and petals are a little big so trim about 1/8" off the petals and cut each leaf in half cross wise.  This will make 2 nice size leaves out of every one.  Notice the shape the leaves are and cut down and shape into new smaller leaves. 

Next to the tooth paste caps are  the pips I found for the flower base.  They are bumpie,yellow and light green and attached to a wire already.  Any pips(flower centers ) will do as long as they are shaped like this.

Using tacky glue and tweezers start going around the pip with 5 petals.  The next row will be 5-7 petals glued in between the gaps created from the first row.  I used between 3-4 leaves of green for the next row evenly spaced.  Let dry.  After completing I put a little glue in the inside on the pip and used green and gold no hole beads to enhance the inside.  Paint the pots, or use ready made pots.   I resorted to toothpaste caps because all the craft stores in the area don't carry them until spring.   Put glue to the top of pot, cover with coffee grounds for the dirt, overfill and pat down, shorten the stems of the flower or flowers and insert into the dirt.  Allow to dry and shake off excess coffee and no hole beads.  I applied a bit of glue around the top of the pot and sized the candy foil so that the corners of the front and back extended over the pot.  I then wrapped the foil so that it covered each pot and left  4 corners evenly spaced on the pot.  It will look just like the ones in the store.  Candy foil papers have a color on one side and and silver on the other.  A pack of these goes a long way and can be used for a variety of things,  wrapping tiny gifts for one.

The pink poinsettias are made out of one large poinsettia in pink and white.  I found it on the floor of the craft store and they gave it to me.  It had leafs attached as well.  Mode Podge it all over and cut out small leaves and flower petals and repeat the process of the red ones.  Could not find any more toothpaste caps so will have to make the rest out of paper clay or Fimo.  Not even the Fairy Garden area had pots.
This well made sturdy wood stove and cupboard that opens up was found at a thrift store.  It is maybe Barbie size.  I decided it would hold items I'm making up higher for me to work on  and I can store them in the cupboard until finishing the project.  It would also make a table to photograph things on.  Not real big  and wish there were a few more .  This might be Melissa and Doug.  It is very well made.

Well there are a few more Christmas How-To's on the drawing table.  Cookie baking without baking them in the oven, ornaments using small miniatures, Jello desserts, and if you are a Red Truck fan, I have some real treats for you in that area.  

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