Sunday, January 7, 2018

Building a three tier glass Snowman mini scene

Clear glass snowman 25" tall filled with mini delights
I enjoyed building snowmen as a child, it  was a favorite pastime. As was ice skating, sled riding and snow fights.  As each decade has passed I like snow a little less in real time than in past time. 

Snowmen still find a way into my heart.  With that in mind I built these  3 tier mini snow globes to decorate the house until spring decides to visit us once again.

It started with a visit to Michael's after Christmas when everything was 75% off.  The mini figures were included in that and got my brain to thinking about the glass globes that were purchased a long time ago after seeing on Pin a 3 tiered  snow globe with mini scenes topped off with a snowman hat.
Six figures, a bunch of trees and bushes, fences and light posts were added to the cart for less than $8.00.  The painting on these were  excellent and nothing needed to be done to any of it.  The rest of the day at home  was spent searching for items to add to the scene and of course the 3 glass bowls.

Sorry about the windows glare but this is glass and we have very few light days out this winter.
This is the smallest bowl on top.  It is 24" round and 7" high. I used paper clay glued to the base and glued the figures onto them.  The tree is a wire tree, the 2 boys are having a snowball fight after building a snowman.  "The snowman was repainted and once had the life of an ornament.  The angels wings were broke off.  After everything dried a thick layer of glue was applied everywhere I wanted snow. Snow  (shredded white plastic) purchased at Christmas time for village scenes was sprinkled on in abundance and tamped down with a small sponge paint brush.  Left to dry overnight , the sweeper hose and tiny area attachment cleaned out the excess snow.  It has been subzero weather here and the static from heating created a lot of snow sticking on the sides.  Its OK, this makes it look like its snowing.  The top edges of each of these bowls are beveled and is perfect for fitting one on top of another without them being tipsy.

The second bowl is 29 inches around and 9" high. Two snow clad trees are in the back ground and one green one in the truck.  I used the same procedure of paper clay stuck to the glass and gluing and smashing the items into it.  The packages are wrapped and placed next to a mailbox filled with Holiday mail.  The truck is a child's toy remake.  I found this at a thrift store and painted it red.  Tinsel and a wreath covered up the teeth hidden underneath.  Thick layer of glue on the bottom and snow tamped down, let dry and use sweeper to remove off excess.

The largest bowl is 38 " round and about 10" high. This one has snow covered trees and street lights, a fence and assorted bushes, and a family of 4 carolers.  Mom and Dad and 2 children.  The item that makes this unique is the backdrop.  From Dollar Tree I purchased a few flat gift box for 1/2 off.  There were 4 to a package and inside was the street scenes.  I had a hard time deciding which one but used the one with the moon showing and  a horse drawn sled in the background. It  was cut to fit the height of the bowl and curved and set inside of a string of glued down paper clay.  While still wet I smashed the mural with glue on the bottom into the clay.  All the items  were glued down onto paper clay .  Let dry overnight and apply glue to everywhere you want snow, then sprinkle an overabundance of snow, tamp down with a sponge brush.   Use a vacuum with tiny article attachment and sweep up the excess snow.  If you find some bare spots a little snow can be added to those areas.

Since the edges are beveled I did not attach one to the other.  The black felt hat is one purchased after Christmas on sale.  A couple of pipe cleaners  twisted together was used  for the scarf.

There you have it a snowman snow globe, another item crossed off my bucket list.   It could be a Christmas decoration  yet left out all winter.   I had originally wanted to put 1/12" scale into these but after putting in these figures the bowls would have been too small to accommodate that scale

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  1. Una escena encantadora,original y tan dulce y navideƱa!!!!