Monday, January 22, 2018

Miniature Popcorn Snowman Tutorial 1/12" scale

This is a very tiny snowman.  He is 1 inch without the hat, 1-1/4" with the hat.  Very easy to make
You can see how tiny he is on top of the Chrysnbon hutch that was completed this weekend.  It is not sanded or painted.  I think it will be painted for my Daisy Hill Shabby Chic kitchen in maybe a while and green
To make the tiny popcorn snowman you will need, Styrofoam pellets smallest size from Dollar Tree.  I know Christmas is over but you all got some of these for your stash, right?  A hat from my stash purchased from   a Baking shop.  If you don't have a tiny hat a paper punch and bead on top painted black will do.

The sharp end of the tooth pick needs painted orange for the nose.  The 3 beads need to be in graduated sizes and fit over a tooth pick.  I do not have a sizer for beads and these were out of my junk jewelry box.  The clear flat bead in the picture is a jewel find and  is being used for the base of the snowman.  Glue the 3 beads together onto the toothpick.  Cut the orange painted end off for the nose, leave any extra tooth pick for now to hold onto to complete the snowman.  We are talking tiny here  so the extra room will be needed to work with.  I used tacky glue applied on to bottom layer, then rolling into a cap full of the tiny snow pellets from Dollar Tree.  Let this layer dry for about an hour.  Push the space on the top of the bead indenting it in a bit, then repeat with glue and pellets for the middle layer.  Let dry about an hour and indent and define the ridge between the layers again.  Finally do the head the same way.

You may ask, why not do all the layers at once.?  Trust me, static cling of Styrofoam rolling around in glue.  We won't go there.  Doing one layer and moving on to the next right away  creates a mess and you will have to fix the other layers countless times before you are done.

 After all layers are dry, fill in any empty spots of your snowman.  Glue to a base.  The eyes are tiny black beads glued on.  The mouth and buttons are painted on with the end of a toothpick.  The scarf around the neck is thread.  The nose is from the end of the orange painted toothpick glued on.  The hat glue on in desired position.  The tiny arms are from German Statice that was in a floral arrangement..  This popcorn snowman was inspired by one I made a long time ago.

In the early years of my Domestic life when everything was new and exciting, I worked with a woman that was crazy about Christmas and loved to bake cookies.  She had 2 boys and invited me over to bake cookies with her and the kids.  It was a great time and she decided to make pop corn balls.  We made small popcorn snowmen for the boys and made larger ones for ourselves for table decorations.  What a great day and I was just in love with that snowman proudly displayed on my kitchen table.

I have mentioned before that my starter house was an old one being remodeled.  It was not sealed real well and in the middle of the night I awoke to a crunching sound.  There were no  children or pets in the house but it was definitely popcorn crunching sound being heard.  Brave I was not, but curious I was.  Turning on the light the culprit, a tiny mouse ran under the cupboard.  I later caught him under a bowl and gave it mercy by letting it go outside.  MR. Snowman had lost his right side.  I had to throw it away, but never forgot what a  delight it was. 

The next year  another popcorn snowman was made  and stored  on a shelf in my pantry.  Spring time came and there were ants everywhere.  I followed the tracks to the pantry and they were enjoying Mr. Snowman.  I have never made another until this one being posted today.  No sugar syrup just glue, it's probably safe.    I am proud to say many decades have passed and knowledge about ants, mice  have come in handy.  Same house, no more mice or ants.

The hutch is from a Chrysnbon Kit from about 10 years ago.  These kits came out in the 1970's and are wonderfully detailed. Handley House in West- Virgina  took over the rights to this brand after Dee's Delights retired.  Their web site has a list of everything they carry  and they do have the complete line.  I also went on EBay and found people wanting $80.00 for this very kit.  Do not be duped just because its been around a while.  No date was on the packaging, this stuff is timeless, good quality and a number of web sites sell this at about $11.00-$13.00 for the kit.  Before your shell out good money for something that is supposedly RARE, check by a search for that item.  If its anywhere on the Internet it will come up.  The only glue that will really hold on this plastic is an airplane type glue.  Now they have a glue at model shops with a very thin spout for tiny channels.  The thick Tacky glue does not adhere for long on this type plastic.    It can be stained, painted and sanded.  I love the old fashioned kitchen stove and potbelly stove in this line.  They also have a pink, red, jadete, green and white dish and glass sets that are so real looking.  My next kit to finish in this line is an old fashioned pump style organ resembling the one that I played with as a child in this very house on the sun porch.  It will have its place as well in my Daisy Hill remake.

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  1. Thank you for your very cute snowman tutorial.
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