Saturday, January 13, 2018

Miniature snowman without the cold and ice tutorial

Red truck- Snowman- 3-3/4" tall 

Snowman made from Dollar Tree Styrofoam balls.  3-3/4" tall and very easy to make.
Hat is a cork from some bottle that I saved and painted black.  The scarf is fringed trim from doll clothes stash, buttons are from Jo Anne Fabric.  These buttons came with stars and hearts all very small,  I painted them black.  The arms are from statice stems in a floral arrangement that I borrowed from.  Carrot is a bead.  This picture does not do him justice.  I can hold him in the palm of my hand.  While the snow is still flying out side I can use it for decorations.  These would be cute ornaments for Christmas or perhaps a tiny button heart for Valentines Day.

Styrofoam balls purchased from Dollar Tree in craft area.  My dollar tree had packs with 6 in them 3 of each size.  Look to be sure because they have other packs with other sizes.  The small ball is 1 inch, 2 inch for the next size and 3 inch for the bottom.  You will have to roll them to get them the size we need.  True Snow for Aleen's I purchased at the craft store in the paint aisle.  They usually have this year round.  You will also need glue, a tooth pick, paint brush and sparkle glitter, but this is optional.

The 3 inch ball needs rolled on a hard table top surface to decrease in size.  I got mine down to 1-3/4".  Decrease the middle ball the same way, it will decrease to about 1-1/2".  The head is OK just as it is.  Shave with a razor blade a little off the bottom snow ball so it sits flat. Remove a tiny sliver on the top of the ball as well.  Inset the tooth pick in about half way in the center and apply glue around the tooth pick.  Top off with the middle layer ball and finally repeat the procedure for the head.  Each layer goes onto the center of the tooth pick with glue for extra support.  Let this dry for a couple of hours before proceeding.

Next apply the True Snow with a paint brush.  I did mine with rough patches to make  it look like it was rolled in the snow.  Before it dries sprinkle with a little sparkle glitter.  Let dry overnight.
When resuming, shake or brush off any excess glitter.  Glue trim, ribbon, yarn or pipe cleaner around the neck for scarf.  The buttons are glued on.  The statice arms were glued next and then the Carrot nose.  One time beads were in the shape of fruits and vegetables, just right for miniatures.  I still had quite a few of these left.  If you have no carrot perhaps an orange pipe cleaner or roll a piece of paper in a small cone shape around the end of a toothpick.  Or a tooth pick painted orange and cut to size.  

If you don't have a similar cork for the hat a small round of black paper and a round bead all painted black would work.  Or perhaps a small cork on a circle of paper.

The Aleenes True Snow has a whipped creme texture to it.  It takes only a short time to dry.  I was impressed with the coverage and will be experimenting with this in a cake decorator for maybe icing and decorative tip design.  Perhaps some future cakes in miniature.

My normal view from my office window is quite different than the last one I shared with you.  We are under a weather advisory for days.  So much snow has come down, rain, wind.  I am glad to be making a snowman inside.  I have no where to go so this is like a retreat not having to go out unless I want to.  Be safe, hope its warm where you are, perfect weather for mini making.

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  1. Your snowman is real cute! I never would have thought of rolling the styrofoam balls to decrease their size, but what a terrific idea! Painting his body with the True Snow
    really does give him a snowy texture which looks really authentic.-good job! :)