Wednesday, January 24, 2018

See the possibilities, Tuesday Morning and Dollar Tree finds for miniature making

This is a package of facial wipes from the Dollar Tree.  They are very high quality and Lavender scented, but that is not totally  why I got them.  Notice the door.  Take the label off the front and it is a blank canvas.  It snaps shut and is about the size of a refrigerator door in  1/12" scale.  Lay it down flat and build a bottom it could also be a chest type freezer.

Open it up and there is this wonderful casing with a hinge attached.  When this pack is empty I will cut off the lid  and put in my trash stash to be remade into a door of some kind.

I found this Origami paper at Tuesday Morning.  The top row  is Travel/writing themed and has 32 different patterns and 250 sheets, the black and white has 16 patterns with 300 sheets  These are 3"x 3" in size and very tiny prints.   It could be used to wrap mini presents, mini scrap booking, line drawers or paper a wall or use behind a picture frame.  Some of the checks and stripes could be used in 1/2" or 1/4" scale for flooring or wallpaper.   They also had this same paper in 5"x 5" but the pattern was much bigger.  I was amazed how small  $2.99 and $3.99 .  I will be using this a lot.  It is also good quality paper and not thin like most of the Origami paper.

This material was found at Tuesday Morning  5"x 5" 100% cotton  42 pieces in shades of blue. for $4.99.  These are all mini prints and could be used in mini making and they co-ordinated.  They have been getting a lot of these in weekly, but they go fast.  Quality material and ready cut with pinked edges .  This one is called Blue Dots, and could be used in a quilt top just as they are.

Another Charm pack of 5"x 5"  ready to sew 100% cotton fabrics.  Let me Entertain you  is the title on it and  Robert  Kaufman Fabrics is listed on the front.  This is mini prints in black, grey and white.  TV and computers, Tickets and movie cameras, 42 squares total for $5.99.  I think I will make chairs and couches with these.  I was amazed at the tiny TV sets from different eras.  These are pinked with shears on the ends and could be used in a quilt or pillow as well.  Last week I found farm themed ones with tiny pigs, cows, and chickens with matching material.  Tiny prints with a theme on them are very hard to find.

I have recently started to go to Tuesday Morning every Sunday.  The clerk told me the Truck comes in on Thursday with new deliveries.  If you are a scrapbook, journal or artist of scrap dies and circuit cutters, this place is just unbelievable.  I am a fan of Tim Holtz and they get dies's and thin lets in there at drastically reduced prices.  Ephemera, tiny flip books of mini paper, small themed beads, all the brand names at reduced prices.  Paint brushes, paint, lace, buttons, lots of things for mini making.  You just never know what you are going to find, and the merchandise goes fast,  If you see it, better get it.  They also carry the beautiful books in themes that open up to store things inside.  These make really nice shadow boxes.  The last time I was there  An Alice in Wonderland book caught my eye.  I had to say no because I found too many other tiny papers and glitter spray.  If It was purchased then I would have to make all the dolls for inside, but the theme would be fantastic to work on.  

If you are not familiar with Tuesday Mornings they have really quality merchandise at greatly reduced prices.  Maybe closeouts or year end.  Furniture, bedding, bath, toys, unusual food.  I stocked up on chocolate coffee, for the year.  You never know what you will find there.

This is a Dollar Tree Chair from the Early days when they first started to sell Doll Furniture.  The other pieces they carried were the very dark mahogany.  I am transforming this chair into something else and have been working all day but just could not get it done.  Dollar Tree furniture certainly has come a long way.  I found 4 matching chairs in my stash and spent a good  deal of time taking the legs off and sanding and re gluing before they  could be painted. The next tutorial will be a Snowman Related one turning this chair into a snowman, Snowman chairs and table with snowman head place mats.  All this just  so I have a table to put the popcorn snowman on from my last tutorial.

The idea for the next tutorial came to me while crocheting  some snowman pillows.  The beginning of the year our local craft shop has a drive for people to donate yarn and time to crochet squares to be joined together into warm blankets for shelters.  I always do this, other years it has been scarfs for people in the Armed Forces.   The long nights in the winter can produce a lot of blocks.  Then a pattern long forgotten came into my head of a pillow with a snowman head and scarf and hat that was made a long time ago.  After spending several hours finding the pattern I started to make some and in the process of doing so the thought  came into my mind " Oh wouldn't this be so cute in miniature."  You all can identify with me on this.  So the big production is on the work table and should be done in a few days.  

What were they thinking when they put that plaid on that chair?  It must have been the 1980's!  What was I thinking when I purchased it?  Oh, I'll put it away for 20 years and make it into a snowman some day and blog about it!


  1. I don't have one near me but always forget to go to Tuesday Mornings when I am in the area of one. Thanks for reminding me with your great stash!

  2. I find that most dollar stores are an Aladdin's cave of tiny treasures, and your new finds there have me itching to go to one again Real Soon!