Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Snow men table and chairs remake from Dollar Tree furniture, felt and paint

This is a perfect dining set for winter time. It  was created just for the popcorn snowman in the center of the table.  The heads and place mats are all crocheted using a size   Boye 10/1 .30mm crochet hook.  I purchased mine from A Gibson Girl at the Chicago show.  It is a small hook.  The thread is crewel embroidery thread.  The heads are simple to make- single crochet 3 stitches and slip stitch back into the first stitch making a loop.  From then on crochet in each  loop and after each loop chain one without going into a loop,  before doing the next stitch..  This increases the sizes and eases the circle around without buckling  the circle.  Make the circles to desired size and slip stitch the final stitch wanted and tie off.  Weave loose ends into a few loops to hide.   The place mats are  1-1/4" round and the heads on the chair are  1 " round.

The table was an unfinished round table from a craft store.  I used scrapbook paper in a tiny blue check for the cloth.  Mittens were cut out from felt for the silverware to set on.  Tiny silverware is Chrysnbon.  To see the popcorn snowman tutorial go to  January 22, 2018  to see instructions.

The chairs are Dollar Tree mismatches from more than a few years ago.  They  needed to be sanded and repaired, re glued the legs.  After that everything was  painted white.  Little black boots were painted on the fronts and a toothpick dipped in white created the buttons on the shoes sides.

Hats are cut out of felt.  I did both sides of the head and trimmed off with a pompom and a glittered trim on the bottom of the hat, also used the glitter trim on the bottom of the chair to trim off.

Mittens are blue felt, scarf around the necks  is embroidery floss in blue.

All the eyes and mouth are black paint using the end of a paintbrush and nose orange paint put on with a toothpick. 

The buttons down the front are real tiny buttons found at Joanne Fabrics.  They have these in all colors.

I laid the chairs on their  backs --down  on felt and traced from the seat up and around to the other side creating a sort of oval adding 1/4" for sewing.  Cut out 2 matching per chair and sew 1/4" around leaving the bottom open..  Turn inside out and cover the chair back.  This should be a snug fit and can be stretched out a little so it sits even with the seat of the chair.  I took needle and thread and wove a running stitch around the bottom and tightened and knotted the bottom of the felt to  chair back.  Run a bead of glue around before tightening.

 Next make a paper pattern of the seat.  Add 1/4" on that and cut 2 per chair out of felt.  Check each chair, they aren't consistent in size.  sew leaving the back side open.  Turn inside out and either glue the back shut or running stitch it shut with thread.  I did not stuff this with anything the felt was thick enough.  After sewing all my seats were just a tad short, and so was my patience.  I found some white pom poms and glued around the front and sides of the seat cushion to cover the gaps.  It looks like I planned it that way!

A note about felt.  I was at Joannes Fabrics and thought the felt was just on sale for 25Cents a square.  Right next to it was $1.25 squares.  They looked just the same.  So I got the cheap one.  Did not notice that it had a sticker on it that it was made of 100% recycled plastic.  I am all for recycling but I did not like this felt.  It was hard to cut, Little strings of lint came off of it and it was not pleasant to handle or sew.  I'm glad about finding this out before I do my applique blocks with felt.  It won't be this kind of felt.

Here is the Dollar Tree Chairs I had to start out with.  They weren't that great about 10 years ago or more but it was all that was available.  The legs usually were not on straight and the glue they used was not strong.

This is my favorite snowman chair.  It is made out of the Dollar Tree chair from way back shown below out of plaid.
I re upholstered it in a blue oval charm pack material blogged about from Tuesday Morning Last week.  It took 3- 5x5" pieces to do this.  The legs were painted white and black boots were added with paint.  Tooth pick white buttons on the side.  Bunka trimmed off all the seams.  Aileen's tacky glue was used for all.

The stick arms are paper cut out with a scrapbook die, and dry brushed with white paint.  The hat is from a Joleen's scrapbook sticker.  The paint process is the same as the other chairs.  Buttons from Joanne's.  The head is crocheted 1", the middle section  1-1/4" and the bottom sections is  1-1/2" glued onto chair.  I added a piece of cardboard and then felt on the back of the head to keep it upright.

To upholstery a chair such as this I don't have a pattern.  The easiest way is to do a section at a time, use a tooth pick and  smooth all over Aileen's   tacky glue in a thin coat.  Apply you material and let it hang over about 1/4".  Let this dry and then trim off with sharp scissors right up to the chair.  Do each section this way letting it dry before proceeding to the next.  Seal seams with a thin bead of glue and bunka .  I used it as it comes in the pack.  I pulled the end thread and it made it look too nubby and uneven so I went for the unpulled bunka look.

Here is the before of the chair.  Over sized plaid.  They even had couches in this stuff.  The basic form was what was needed so it became a good candidate for reupholstering.

I hope you have enjoyed the Snowmen.  There is still lots of snow falling outside here today.  I have 2 more projects involved with Snowmen and then its  on to something else.  Maybe if I think Spring it will happen soon.!

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  1. So cute!!! I love it. Thank you for the details, especially for the crochet tutorial.
    Hugs, Drora