Monday, February 5, 2018

Snowmen pillow and rugs, New Fairy Garden items for 2018, True snow icing, Tuesday morning

Tiny snowmen pillows  1" round heads and 1/4" on the hat.  The inspiration came from large size ones I was crocheting for my couch. 
This is the last of the snowman projects.  I have had it with the snow.  The snowman in the front is a rug, with the needle across the bottom layer that was used to crochet it. The yarn is DMC  crewel yarn in white from Joanne Fabrics.    The instructions for the circles to crochet for the snowmen are in my last blog  of the snowman table and chairs.   The pillows are crocheted to 1 inch and the rug  1-1/2" bottom layer, 1-1/4" middle layer and the head 1 ".  I glued each on top of blue foam sheet  to make the rug.
The large Fairies are from last year.  Dollar Tree just put out the smaller ones.  I would say they are 1/2 scale.  They also have about the same houses as last year, but there are about 3 sets with birdbaths, signs, wheelbarrow,etc to go with this new size.  If you look real close some of them are painted very nice and won't have to be touched up.
Pat Catans is my local craft  store owned by Michael's now.  Darice is their brand.  The above items are in their Fairy Garden area.  Each for $2.99 .  The cactus and cups and saucers could be used in 1/12" scale but the trunk and suitcase are 1-1/2" in width.  They could be used in a child's room.  The theme on their Fairy Garden this year is Knights, Dragons, Castles.  A lot of really cute furniture but it would be 1/2" scale.

I said I would give this Aileen's True Snow a try for cake icing. This is True Snow without the glitter.  This is white and does have some shimmer in it, but it does go on like real icing.  A #13 star tip Wilton was used in a plastic bag and the end cut off.  Push the snow in and wrap and press out the end, like a real cake decorator.  The star will come out but a tip forms.  Let dry about 10 minutes and then push in and it goes away.  It dries light and stays true to form.  I used 2 Styrofoam chips for the cake on the top of the snow container.  The wedding cake is from a  layered face cream top.  I will work with this more, try to color it and see what it does.  It really looks like whipped cream  icing when dry.  The cake on the top has little silver beads sprinkled all over the top and side bottom. 

These little beauties are American Girl  2" tall.  I found them at Tuesday Morning for $1.99.  On the back it shows 8 total are available.  They are about 2 inches tall.  They move at the knees and arms, the clothes, heads, feet and arms all pop out, the hair pops off.  They call them beads, like pop beads from long ago.  I think they will fit in as a walking doll in  my 1/12" miniature scenes.  They are just too cute.  I never saw these before, mini versions of the larger dolls.

At Tuesday Morning this week they had the Ott light table version on sale from $60.00 down to $19.99.  I purchased one and put it on my work table.  What a difference it made.  We have not had sunshine in quite a while and I noticed when I worked upstairs with my light, it did not bother me so much with no sunlight.  These lights are the same brightness as outside daylight and the color is more accurate than many other lights.  Closer to the real thing.

They also got a shipment of new paper in that included Graphic 45.  This paper is a heavier construction and usually themed.  This week was Kentucky derby and men's safari themes.  The prints are mini prints and will go nicely into 1/12" projects and altered books and frames.
If  you watch You tube search for altered books and frames.  I  found a lot of ideas for miniature boxes and frames for gifts using miniatures and all the wonderful paper and ephemera that is available right now.  

If you are into watching You Tube here is one that will fascinate you.  Square to Spare is a  Miniature crafter with great ideas.  She has taken a month to construct a miniature version of the Winchester house in California.  It is made out of cardboard, coffee stir sticks, and Popsicle sticks.  Paint and glue.  That's it and it is fantastic!!  It really does not have to be expensive to be a really great construction.  
The movie about the history of this Bizarre House was released  in the past few months. I haven't saw it yet, but know the history.  The Winchester Gun Manufacturer  widow went to a fortune teller and was told she had to continue to build on this house  forever to atone for the people who had died by the Winchester gun.  There are halls and doors that lead to no where.  The workmen worked 24/7 on this house until Mrs. Winchester died.  It is open to the public for tours.

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