Sunday, February 25, 2018

Valentine one room School House and Mini finds

One room School House ready for Valentines day.

I am sorry about Valentines coming and going with no post or tutorial.  I had the reshare of this picture in the blog Drafts all ready to go and it just slipped on by.  I decided to do a toxic cleanse at the beginning of the month to try and get rid of this continuing sinus issue.  Needless to say it worked but I really was under the weather for quite a few weeks.  Working on my minis wasn't  on the agenda, but I did get a lot of organization done.  Now I can find everything.  Thanks to Dollar tree for all the styles of organization containers they carry.  So I will post this Valentine picture and share a few mini finds and ideas I came across in my resting time.

This is a one room school house.  My Father went to a one room school house until he went to high school.  There were 8 grades in one school.  Of course they had to walk or ride their horse to get there.  Melscheimer  School was and is the name of the school and it still stands today not far from my own home.  Portrayed are some of the toys they might have played with.   The pot bellied stove is a salt shaker with a flexible straw for the stove pipe.  The pictures of  George and Abe are from an online site and I put them into frames and used Mod podge dabbled over to appear as painted oils.  The globe was a pencil sharpener 
This marble paper is from the scrapbook area at Tuesday Morning.  It is just the right size for topping off furniture using glaze or Mid-Podge to seal.  Looks just like real marble.  40 sheets for $1.00.
Another Tuesday Morning scrap book area treasure.  These are so tiny and just right for 1/12" scale minis.  I will make banners with the Reset Girl tags and the other pack of paper tags are about 1" in size, just right for a mini desk.
These are Sally Hansen fake nails covers.  They are self adhering like tape and each pack has 16 strips in each.  The patterns were checked and a crackled brown.  I saw tiny book covers for premade paper books.  

This is a thrift store find for 25 cents.  The sticker inside was Gorilla Rack productions.  I don't know if that's Gorilla Glue or not but there was a dozen of these plastic L shapes.  I got them for corner holders while things dry such as the dresser.  One side is smooth and the other side has a ridge in the center which you could stand things up in while they dry.  I was thrilled with these and have used them several times this week.

Went into Walgreen's to get RX filled and the Valentines Day items and Candy was marked down to 90%.  These little metal purses were 20 cents, about 2x3 inches in size and  filled with gummy lipsticks.  I thought they would be perfect for gift packages for mini treasures at Miniature Conventions.  The handle is sturdy rope screwed into the metal.  I got all 10 of them.  Adorable!

Walgreen's 90% these came in at 20 cents as well.  They are supposed to be Diamond ring erasers.  I see mini tires and bases for tables or overstuffed chairs.  My red truck project has been on hold because  tires could not be found.  I think this might work.

Hobby Lobby 40% off item.  Just right for 1/12" mini people.  I might paint it red, I don't know.  It is resin and I'm sure you will see it again someday on this blog with a new life.

Dollar Tree notebook.  It is covered with low nap fuzzy fur and hearts.  One of my favorite thing is hearts.  I saw a bed cover or blanket. It is so bright and colorful, plus the paper inside will come in handy for all my future ideas.  These were not in the office supply area, but in a odd area next to the check out counters along with other trinkets for children.

These are Dollar tree finds as well.  Similar to the Lego and about the same size.  There are boys and girls in the respective area with the toys.  The wigs come off and they are under 1 inch tall.  They sit down, and  could be  dressed  and wigged  for a toy doll under a Christmas tree or sitting on a child's bed.

Well that's all for today.  While resetting my energy I came up with a lot of ideas for future tutorials.
I will finish the lovely cakes that were started and planned for Valentines day.   
Gelatin desserts from window clings
Easter has a lot of possibilities
Red Truck extravaganza-I have been talking a lot about this but putting the plans on paper and finding the things necessary to complete it are another story.
Unique upholstered chairs
How to print material on your color printer
Making flowers with Japanese water color paper
Making upholstered chairs out of Dollar Tree neck ties
Mini slippers from pony tail ties
Fish bowl and Magic rocks (from my childhood)  turtle home
Fantasy-magical plants from history's lore's and legends and movies
A fairy garden tree planter made with Mod-podge and paper towels-messy but fun
Mannequins out of Captain American toys from Dollar Tree
Hat stands from wood  and maybe a few fancy hats

So that's just a few things to look forward to.  Now that everything is organized it won't take me quite so long to find the items needed for the projects.  I found things long forgotten about, and  overabundance of some things that I will probably list on EBay soon under the same name as my Blog site.   I have lots of books and magazines as well.  I looked through them all!
The Sun has made an unusual appearance today so I think I will go outside and enjoy it while it lasts.

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