Monday, March 5, 2018

Antique lace and doily -1/12" remake couch and mini finds

Antique lace and doilies cover this  old wood couch piece from the early days of miniatures
Underneath is a small pink rose calico  Click on picture to get a larger version

Back side of couch  click on picture to get a larger detail
Wood couch before curved back

Cotton batting was applied to front and back with tacky glue.  
Extra layers of batting were applied to the back and the arm were built up with a couple of layers since there was no padding in the arms

After batting dried I used calico material and glued onto each section to cover the batting. It does not have to be perfect because the lace and doilies will be glued on top of the calico.  Next I pulled out my stash of antique laces and doilies.  I once got a huge bag of dressmakers lace and I used a lot of that.  It was like working a jig saw puzzle to find just the right placement.  Fabric glue was used on the lace, it does not dry hard and is not shiny or stain when dry.  The legs were painted white.  The underside was lined with calico.  This remake will be in my Daisy  Shabby Hill .  
A treasure from Dollar Tree.  Remember the light Bright pegs?  This is a mini version.  3 x 3" square on the box.  Batteries go inside and a light lights up the little circles and the pegs.  Well this got torn all apart to see how this works.  The box will now be on my work table.  You know how you need something to hold tiny wires, flowers toothpicks  until they dry?  These little holes do the job.  Inside is a panel board that holds the batteries.  Attached is a  LED light  This could be built into a project that needed a little light

The pegs are incredibly small.  Not the same size of the original ones.  These are not for children under 3 but state 5+.
I think they could be adapted into nail polish bottles, or glue bottles.  Many colors are inside each box of 50 pieces.

This is from Walmart in the Easter section.  It says it is a basket tutu but I see at least 2 skirts for 18" dolls or a lot of material for miniature design.  It is all one piece and each color blends into the other.  It is tulle and has sparklies all over it.

This string of beads was found at Walmart in the basket stuffer section.  36 colorful plastic crystal beads and  silver beads in the center of each.  Bottles of perfume for the dressing table?

Dollar Tree in the hold your glasses on section.  Beautiful colors and the selection of just this one would make quite a few bottles and potions.

Hobby Lobby in the Fairy Garden, Floral section.  Forest Naturals.  These are tiny, seasoned and dried birch logs with bark.  There are 10 pieces total.They are very light weight and easy to saw with a band saw.  I am going to make some rustic  wood platters for cake plates and stepping stones for my Fairy Garden.  Good deal with 40% off coupon.

I found these  2-1/2" square hand embroidered ornaments at a thrift store.  The whole lot cost me 25 cents.  Someone put a lot of beautiful work into these and someone did not appreciate it.  I plan on making seat covers for chairs with them.  The beads on 2 of them are swaroski crystals and lots of them.  Once again bottle tops for potion and perfume bottles.

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