Thursday, March 22, 2018

Miniature Fairy Garden in 1/12" scale using Dollar Tree Figures

This is a 1/12" scale Fairy Garden.  Click the picture to enlarge for detail.  This is the first ceramic bath set I ever poured and a crackle glaze was used.  It was going to be used in a Haunted house, but this came to mind after purchasing the figures at Dollar Tree.

In this picture you can see the crackles.  The back was a little heavier than the front so I found a silver chess piece that fit perfect for the back and it looks like part of the drain plumping.    The flowers in the toilet are all paper, and the fern in  the sink is a  plastic  palm tree cut to pieces and glued into a basket made of needlework cloth. painting a coat of brown over wash to  take the plastic look away.

The garden plants are all fake sedum plants.  A store had balls of them and I picked the parts off.  The tub has been filled with floral foam, a layer of glue and them sand.  The plants and people are glued on top.  The other pieces that Dollar tree had to go with these little ones were too tall for this scene.  They will be used in the larger garden.

Dollar General has a lot of Fairy Garden items.  The Easter egg tree has the basic bones but needs a little work.  The large cactus is great, but I will doctor it up a bit too.  This was a new experience for me and I was really impressed with the variety of Home Decorating items they have there too.  If you like Farm County decorating they have a really nice selection of things and not as cheap as Dollar Tree but most under $5.00.  This store is in a congested area and they lack parking, so I never stopped in.  This day I went by right when they opened and no one was there.

I finally found a set of truck tires for my Red Truck.  In the Boy's toy area for $1.00 they had cardboard race cars that can be built from a kit.  The tires have axles and a wind up device to make it move.

Here is the egg tree remade up next to my 25 cent thrift store bunny bear.  The eggs were painted with acrylic paint and then several coats of glittered nail polish  (Dollar Tree) were added to give it shine.  Silk ribbon bow was added on top of the resin one.

The cactus pot was painted Terra- cotta, silver sand was  added to the base and a coat of Mod-podge was painted on the cactus part and green flocking was sprinkled on top and allowed to dry.  After it was dry I added a coat of matte spray varnish on the flocking.

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  1. This is really cute!!! I LOVE the Gnomes in the bath!!!