Friday, March 2, 2018

Signs for miniature Farm House Decorating and Book Organizer made with Dollar Tree items.

Signs made with wooden laser cut animals and scrap wood
1-1/2"x 3/4" 

Signs made with laser cut animals and people same size as above and covered with scrapbook paper. Ducks in a row, chicken in front of a white picket fence.  The We are Family sign is using 2 sizes of the people.  This idea could be used for a family to reflect all the children in the family.  The sign could say Welcome and the Family name as well.  The little fence was cut out with my Cricket Cutter.  Hertiage cartridge has the fence, it is 1/2" in size. 
These are the people and animals used.  Studio Calico Wood Veneer die cut wood pieces. I purchased them at Jo-Ann Fabrics, but most craft shops have these.  The people have about 57 pieces and 4 sizes of the men and women.  The animals have about the same amount of pieces and 4 sizes of multitude of animals.  I like the animal set, so many sizes make it possible for many projects.  These paint easy with acrylic paint, I used magic markers for mine.

Now these are the same wood but covered with scrapbook paper..  I drew up a tiny bunny and painted it on the paper.  A 3mm white pom-pom was used for the tail.  The plastic carrot was in my stash.  This is a miniature version of the sign at Dollar Tree that sells out as soon as they get it in.    

This little Bunny Butt is only 1" tall.  It is a bunny digging out the carrots.  This was popular last year.

The feet and ears were cut from foam sheet from craft store.  I just realized I put the ears on backwards.  The pink is just a marker drawing the ears and pads on the feet.  3mm white pom pom for the tail and 5mm for the butt.  I did not have grey so I painted it with acrylic paint.  The carrots were from my stash and the green is deer moss from Dollar Tree.  Styrofoam in the inside with coffee grounds on top will hold the carrots in until dry.  Glue the Grey pompom on and feet.  Ears go on last, but don't put them on backwards like me.  I was just so excited in all the items  being made and wanted to post them today.

This is the beginning of my tool organization area for my work table.  They are all sturdy gift boxes found at Dollar Tree.  The lid has a magnet in it so it snaps shut.  When I saw so many different sizes I instantly thought of a book shelf.  So my mind started creating something right there in the store.  It took 4 graduating each smaller in size boxes to do this.  The little one on the end I already had.  They were in the Stationery and gift box area.
I cut the end out of each one, which is the top where you will put tools in.  The scrapbook paper is from Authentique collection.  The books are on 2 sheets of this paper and the rest all harmonize with it.  The fronts were covered in the books. The sides and inside were lined with paper.  All raw edges including the tops have washi tape to seal them off.  Hot glue all together.  The trinkets are from Tim Holtz, available at Joanne Fabrics.  I love how this turned out.  It is a pleasure to have all my tools right in front of me instead of spread all over the table.  I could never figure out what washi tape was for.  Now I know and I really like it.  Many uses in miniature work as well as scrap booking.  

The back side is lined with a gold striped paper in the same collection to resemble pages.    I have more I will share with you when they are completed.  It is so wonderful to have an organized space.  I am still working on it all, but it is so easy now to do a project knowing where everything. is.

The news says we are in for another big snow storm.   I have plenty to keep me busy and like last year I have an unpaid border again living in my chimney.  It is a lot quieter than last years border, but I think there are marbles from my bowling ball fail that it is playing with.  Raccoons like to haul pretty things back to their nest.  The other evening, the moon was full and I noticed a shadow out the side of my eye in the window.  I pulled back the curtain and there was a  Raccoon sitting on the window sill.   It waved at me!!  Then slowly turned and crawled up the tapered chimney right next to the window.  I recon its pretty warm in the chimney since it is over the furnace right below. 

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