Thursday, March 22, 2018

St. Patrick's themed Chair-just for fun.

This chair was created just for fun.  A bit of green material and lace plus a dog head cut from material .  The legs and arms are from a game called Cootie bug, from a thrift store.  I don't know how old it was.

The chair is from a pattern taken from Bentley House Production Minis.  If you go on You tube, she has a video on how to put a basic upholstered chair together.  She provides a link to go to and print off the basic pattern of the chair. I made the basic  one she has the tutorial on and added my own designs to it.  I enjoy her tutorials very much.

If you watch you tube there is a Documentary called Of Dolls and Murder.  This is an hour long and you get tours of the mini forensic displays built by Francis Glessner Lee in the 1930's and 1940's.
They are called Nutshell studies and are still used as teaching tools for  CSI forensics and detectives today.  This documentary was filmed  while they were on display at the National Library of Medicine. 
Francis Glessner Lee was a child and women of privilege, inheriting the  International  Harvester fortune.  She was not allowed to go to college, only the men in the family.  She could contribute her talent for a worthy cause, and started building these mini scenes of murder as teaching tools at her own expense.

Another You Tube worth checking out is Certainly Caroline.  This talented lady is a Fimo artist in love with Fairy Gardens.  She makes every thing in 1/12" scale, but displays them in the real outdoors and sets the scene up with a Fairy tale.  She includes her miniature art tutorials in each episode.

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