Saturday, September 8, 2018

Mini finds for Halloween

These adorable dressed puppies are perfect for 1/2" scale  mini scenes. 

Lemax Spooky Village.  I will be using in my Halloween room box started last year and not quite finished yet.

This is a stretched 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" canvas found at Dollar Tree.  It is bright and colorful and when set behind dolls or other miniatures it makes a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot 

This is from Dollar Tree as well.  Another stretched canvas.  This is a exact replica of the barn that used to be on my property until it fell down in a wind storm.  I plan on painting it red and use this for a photo backdrop for minis.

1/2" scale tomb stones from Lemax Spooky town.  They could be used in 1/12" scale just smaller tombstones.  I was amazed at the price difference buying them at Meinards vs. Michaels.  $2.99 at Meinards vs.$4.99 at Michaels.  I also got 11% back at Meinards.  Michaels would be 40% with a coupon but still the price is more.   Meinards is a builder supply store usually down the street from Lowes.

The day is rainy out so I take the time to write after a long absence.  When people tell you after retiring it will be busier than ever, take heed to their words.  The beginning of the year after spending all winter organizing and being couped up inside, I decided to write a list of all the things that needed done outside the house.  The first sign of Sunshine in March inspired me to begin on that list.
Outside has become my favorite place to be this summer.

This list could have went around the world at least once.  It has narrowed down to a few pages now.
In taking a break from life indoors and miniatures, I have been instilled with a lot of inspiration for new things and projects for this winter.  So it has been a win win situation.

I started selling items found during my cleaning and organization on Ebay and that has helped in cleaning my house and getting rid of overstock.  A lot of items were found that were forgotten about,
and a lot of projects that were abandoned went to Ebay for others to treasure.  Miniaturists are the greatest people. 

My house chimney got a large crack in it and had to be repaired. It turned out to be a costly fix and had to be rebuilt.  So the raccoon stories are at an end.  To prevent winter rent free boarding inside the chimney 3 roofs were installed over the flues.  When talking to neighbors they have the same problem in the winter time with chimney boarders.  I think they are retaliating because they are now using my porch and deck as their personal potty and carrying away all my solar lights from my flower pots.  Why would a raccoon need a solar light?  It was caught red handed carrying the solar light from the flower pot.  The post had been removed to make it shorter.  After a reprimand in the middle of the night of "Drop it" from the bedroom window, it whined a little and did as it was told.

The hint of Fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner.  I have enjoyed the stores with the Fall displays and getting inspiration for mini projects.  I have just a few more windows to paint outside and I am putting that list away.  Time to get out the minis and play!

I have been planning a mini vacation all summer, and now that the temp has dropped  I plan on going for a few days.  The destination is the  miniature museum in Maysville, Ky and the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, Ky.  A mini vacation all about minis. If the GoPro camera works I will feature the highlights here for you to enjoy.

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