Saturday, February 9, 2019

Shabby Chic 1/12" remake dresser- trash to treasure

Trash to Treasure Shabby Chic Dresser Remake  finished item
I found this in a bag at the resale store.  The basic bones are there but there was a crack down the side, on the bottom and around the other side. Good wood kit, put together well, drawers fit.  For some people any small imperfection is just not acceptable.  I like the challenge.

First thing was to sand off all that glue.  Paper was going to be covering the wood surfaces but a coat of white primer paint was added to all.

This is the paper pad I have been using with all the Shabby Chic remakes being done.  4.5x6.5 purchased at Hobby Lobby.  All tiny and coordinating prints.  I chose a small newspaper print for the drawers to line, and small rose prints to cover the sides and back with.

This mini glass mirror panel is from Dollar Tree, found in the sticker area.  Clear mirror, blue, red and green is the selection they come in and a lot of projects can to done from one sheet.  The Tim Holtz items are rings with a round paper fastener back, for the drawer pulls.

Glue was added to the top and the adhesive back pulled off.  Just had enough to cover.  A small slice on the back was covered with the back being made into another mirror.  The front drawers were cut from the same advertisement so when the drawers are shut it can be read.

The sides back and drawers were all lined  with paper.

This is a Sizzix die cutter used by scrapbookers.  I love the dies, particular the Halloween and  Christmas ones that can be used in with  my miniatures.  My first steel rule die purchase was Tim Holtz's mini houses.   I purchased the Sizzix about 2 years ago after cost checking every where, and the cheapest was  Usually about this time they are on sale because the new years model is coming out.  There are electric models, but the one pictured above is a hand crank one.  I have never regretted this purchase.  It is heavy duty and does the job.

This is the steel rule die set. It looks like the old fashioned backs to mirrors.  6 pieces, and numerous ways to turn out a card backing out of paper, leather, wood, or heavy cardboard, even material.

I choose these 3.  First I cut this selection at the same time out of 3 different designs of paper. plus One set of heavy cardboard. Each design was glued onto matching ring of cardboard for a varying design. the mirror in the middle was a thin sheet from the craft store that has a mirror on it.  It can be cut with scissors, adhesive back and a thin cover over the shiny front that is peeled off to reveal the mirror when attached.  Be careful with this it is scratch able, so if you have to wipe off glue use a soft tissue or Q-tip.

Here is the finished project with mirror tile top.  The back of the dresser mirror was covered in yet another coordinated paper..Not bad for some one's throwaway.


  1. Te ha quedado precioso,me encantan los papeles que has elegido y la forma del espejo es muy bonita!

  2. Shabby and totally Chic! Well done! :D